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Services That Will Keep Your Rental Home In Tip-Top Shape Without Costing You A Dime

by Sally Burke

Renting your home to others comes with some risk of damage and clutter that has to be addressed when someone moves out, which is why insuring your rental property is important. But there are some other services that you can secure to protect the integrity of your home so that there is less for you to deal with between rentals.

What's great is that you can figure the cost of the services you choose to use into the rental price of your home because they'll benefit your renters as much as they'll benefit you. Here are four effective services to consider investing in:

A Dumpster Rental

Include a yearly dumpster rental in your contract that is available around spring time to encourage your renters to do some "spring cleaning" and clean up both the interior of the home and the yard. This will minimize the chance of you having to do it all when they move out.

It's also a good idea to factor in a second dumpster rental that can be used after your renter moves to make cleanup easy on you when you're getting ready to put the home back on the market.

Make sure that a copy of acceptable items for the dumpster are given to your renters, and have them sign a copy to keep in their file to ensure that they are held responsible for any fees associated with unacceptable items that might be left in the container.

Security Monitoring

Putting in a security camera and having your home monitored by a professional security company will not directly do anything to minimize damage and clutter in your rental home, but it will encourage renters to take good care of the place because they know that they are being monitored, even if just on a basic level.

Security monitoring services will also help to protect your home from vandalism and theft when your renters are not at home. Not to mention, it will help to keep your renters' things safe as well. These monitoring services are not typically expensive, with some plans ranging as low as twenty bucks a month. This is something that can easily be factored into the rental price of your home.

Monthly Landscaping

If you want to ensure that your grass, trees, and bushes stay alive and that weeds don't take over your yard, it's important to hire and schedule a landscaper that you personally want to see working on your property. But even something as simple as mowing the lawn and trimming trees from the road should be enough to keep your property in good condition, no matter how well your property is taken care of by renters.

Providing the service once a month is enough to offer your renters some relief from landscaping themselves, and provide some direction as to how you want the property to remain looking while they live there.

Property Management

A great way to manage the extra services that are included with your rental is to hire a property management company to oversee everything for you. While this service may bump up the rental rate considerably, there are some perks you can offer to sweeten the rental deal such as:

  • Newspaper and mail service while renters are out of town.
  • Free repair services for the home.
  • Regular inspections, to ensure that everything works properly.

These perks can all be accommodated by your property management company so they shouldn't cost anything above and beyond their regular monthly service fees.

These services will benefit you and your home as well as your renters, making them a win-win opportunity for everyone involved and attract potential renters even if the costs are factored into the overall cost of your home rental.