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Tips For Ensuring Safety With Your Dumpster Rental

by Sally Burke

A dumpster is a valuable investment if you have a commercial property. The dumpster provides you with a single point for disposing of your bagged waste. It's important that you understand, though, that dumpsters are also a safety concern. Recognizing the safety risks associated with a dumpster can help you protect your company and your employees. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you're renting a dumpster.

How Can Dumpsters Be Hazardous?

If you or your staff are inattentive and careless around the dumpster area, it can turn it into a risky space. For instance, any debris or bags of waste left on the ground around the dumpster can draw rodents of all kinds. These rodents can spread disease, putting your employees at risk. Additionally, failing to handle waste bags safely can cause back injuries. Make sure that your staff is careful about lifting bags into the dumpster. Consider a dumpster with a side door so that the bags don't have to be thrown into the top.

Your dumpster can also be a safety hazard for scavengers, especially if you fail to secure it with a locking gate or similar door. If someone starts sorting through your dumpster and gets injured, your company may be liable for that injury if you didn't take the necessary steps to secure the dumpster from unauthorized access.

How to Keep Your Dumpster Space Safe

There are a few key elements to consider when you're looking to keep your dumpster as safe as possible. Here are some tips to help you keep your dumpster safe.

Simplify Security

Invest in sufficient safety signs to put on the fence around your dumpster as well as on the dumpster itself. The signs will help to discourage people from climbing or reaching into the dumpster. Make sure your staff also understands the importance of keeping the gates closed and locked all the time. This not only prevents people from gaining access to it, but it may also help to keep rodents out.

Reduce Injury Risks

Identify a few key employees to handle transporting waste bags to the dumpster. That way, you can train those specific employees on proper lifting procedures. This will help to prevent back injuries, because part of this training includes helping employees identify when a bag is over their safe lifting weight and needs another person to help dispose of it. You should also teach your employees to use the side doors on the dumpster for waste disposal whenever possible.

Emphasize Fire Safety

Always consider the fire hazards associated with the location where you place your dumpster. You'll want to have it somewhere far enough from the building that a fire in the dumpster won't be able to ignite the building. You'll also want to make sure that you are having your dumpster emptied on a frequent basis so that there aren't any opportunities for accumulated waste to pose a fire hazard.

Brighten the Lighting

When your dumpster area is poorly lit, it limits visibility. Not only does it make the area unsafe, but it makes it a prime area for rodents to hide. Consider installing large flood lights around the dumpster area so that you can keep everything clearly lit. This will help to improve the general visibility at night and reduce the risk of someone falling and getting hurt while bringing trash out late in the evening.

The tips presented here can help you to rent a dumpster for your business without sacrificing safety or creating a hazard on your property. Talk with dumpster rental services about what kinds of dumpsters are available and see if you can find one with the security options and side panels that you'd need to help keep your employees safe from injuries. Then, make sure you have a locking gate and fence installed around the dumpster area.