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Why Pleated Air Filters Can Help Wood Workers Avoid Problematic Lawsuits

by Sally Burke

Wood working shops can be a great way for people who love carpentry to make a little extra money or to be completely independent. Unfortunately, wood dust could threaten the health and well-being of your employees and lead to a lawsuit. Thankfully, pleated air filters can protect your employees and you from these dangers.

Why Wood Dust Is a Danger

Wood dust is a danger to both the skin and respiratory health of your workers. Inhaling it is particularly problematic because it can cause allergic reactions and irritation on your eyes and skin. In some instances, some types of wood dust may even lead to cancer.

While that risk is relatively low compared to more minor problems, your workers could still develop respiratory problems that plague them for life. And when this happens, there is a good chance you will be sued by an angry and injured employee.

Lawsuits for This Problem Aren't Uncommon

When your employees inhale wood dust and are injured as a result, it can be a very scary situation. That's because they may have lifelong side effects that make it impossible for them to work. For your sake, it is scary because you could end up on the bad side of a lawsuit. This possibility is particularly true if you did little or nothing to manage the air quality in your facility.

Falling a victim to this danger doesn't have to be an eventuality. By installing a pleated air filter in your wood working shop, you are protecting your employees from injury and yourself from lawsuit. Even better, you are creating a reputation for caring that could attract better workers to your facility.

Why Pleated Filters Are a Good Choice

There's no reason that your wood working facility needs to suffer from these kinds of lawsuits. Instead, you can install an industrial pleated filter to help keep your air clean. These filters are designed to produce a higher level of efficiency than other types of dust collectors. That's because their pleats are designed in a way that collects a maximum amount of wood dust.

Beyond that, they tend to last longer and are easier to install than other types of filter. These benefits are all great because they ensure that your facility gets the protection it needs at a price you can afford. In some instances, you may be able to install one filter for the duration of your shop's life.

So if you own a wood working shop and want to make sure your employees are protected, please don't hesitate going here to investigate the benefits of a pleated filter. You might just find that they are the best choice for managing all of your filtration needs.