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Why Aluminum Is The Best Choice For Your Company's Truck Fleet

by Sally Burke

When you're building a fleet of service trucks, one of the first things that you need to think about is the truck bodies that you will need. One of the biggest decisions that you'll have to make when designing your truck bodies is the type of material that you want it fabricated from. In many cases, aluminum truck bodies are the best option for a company's service truck fleet. Here's a look at what you should know about opting for custom aluminum truck bodies for your company's new trucks.

The Lighter Weight Is Beneficial

One of the biggest benefits of aluminum for your truck bodies is the weight factor. Aluminum is far lighter than many other metals available for truck body fabrication. Weight is an important consideration because the weight of the truck body will directly affect the weight capacity of the truck. The less weight you have tied up in the truck body itself, the more weight you can haul in the bed of the truck without maxing out the truck's capacity. When you're expecting to haul heavy equipment or components, you can lessen the truck's weight by choosing aluminum for your body panel construction.

Aluminum Can Be Reinforced

Many truck fleet owners hesitate to opt for aluminum because they believe steel to be stronger. In those cases, they often sacrifice load capacity for the added weight of steel simply for the structural benefit. However, that no longer has to be a compromise. You can, in fact, opt for aluminum truck bodies and still get the strength that you need from the construction. Aluminum can easily be reinforced during fabrication to enhance its strength without sacrificing the weight reduction that you can get from this material.

Maintenance Costs Are An Important Factor

Another great reason to choose aluminum over other types of truck bodies is the reduction in the maintenance costs associated with it. When you're trying to manage your company's expenses, reducing those maintenance costs is important.

Aluminum isn't susceptible to rust in the same way that steel or other types of metal might be. You won't find yourself having to treat the truck's body panels regularly to prevent corrosion. This will save you not only in the associated cost of the treatment but also in the downtime required for it to be done.

Additionally, when you choose a lighter material like aluminum, you're reducing the demand on the truck's suspension and drive components because they won't have to work as hard. This means less maintenance for worn parts due to stress, which also reduces your company's overall expenses.

Talk with a custom aluminum truck body manufacturer today about other benefits of aluminum truck bodies before you have your fleet constructed.