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Useful Services A PCB Transformer Disposal Company Can Offer

by Sally Burke

If transformers containing PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) were just left out and mistreated, the environment and lifeforms in it would suffer. Since PCB is a potentially harmful chemical, it has to be handled with extreme care and attention. You're better off working with a PCB transformer disposal company that can offer the following things.

Thorough Identification of PCB Transformers 

A distinction needs to be made between transformers containing PCB and transformers with oil that isn't harmful. You probably don't have the experience nor the tools to safely make this distinction, but a PCB transformer disposal company does.

They will perform tests that help them identify transformers containing PCB in a non-harmful way. Transformers proven to contain PCB will be appropriately marked so that the disposal company knows exactly which methods to use when moving and breaking down these structures on your work site.

Pre-Disposal Planning Prior to Transformers Reaching the End of Their Life Cycle

Once your transformers containing PCB reach the end of their life cycle, they need to be professionally disposed. Before this time, it's a good idea to take advantage of a disposal company's pre-disposal planning. It's going to help you sort out important details of this disposal process.

The company can go over equipment they'll use to safely transport your PCB transformers, analytical reports used to document these structures, and activities you can expect to see around your work site. You can then prepare for this disposal process in advance to ensure all of your workers are ready.

PCB Analytics Assistance

Before you have a PCB transformer disposed, most disposal companies will require some analytics to be performed that show the volume of PCB inside the transformer. They can then give you a better estimate and breakdown of their disposal services.

There is analytics assistance available from these companies as well if you need help measuring the quantity of PCB in a transformer. A PCB transformer specialist can walk you through the steps or show up in person to make sure the right assessments are done prior to any disposal steps taking place.

If you know there are PCB transformers on your work site that are about to reach the end of their life cycle, get together with a disposal company as fast as you can. Then you can go over procedures and utilize key services that give this disposal process more controls that ultimately reduce your risks. 

For more information about ​PCB Transformer Disposal, contact a ​PCB transformer disposal company in your area.