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COVID-19 Transportation Media Protects Research Labs

by Sally Burke

The development of COVID-19 vaccines and treatment methods has been heavily fueled by the brave research conducted by people putting themselves at risk of infection. However, various types of transportation mediums keep COVID-19 from spreading and ensure that these specialists don't catch this disease. Finding the best transfer medium is critical for research labs treating this disease.

Finding Safe COVID Transfer Mediums

Research labs trying to find treatments and cures for the COVID-19 pandemic need samples of this virus with which to work. These samples provide them with a medium for study and an ability to check the virus' genetic makeup during lengthy testing processes. For example, a proper testing medium keeps the virus active but contained and allows researchers to see how it affects living cells.

The same medium is essential for transportation, as many facilities may order and transport containers of the virus to work on and test. Safe transportation mediums help to keep both the research specialists and their assistants safe and minimize the risk of disease spread. Just a few things to consider when investigating and purchasing the proper COVID transfer medium include:

  • Budget: Building COVID-19 transportation mediums include various types of materials, including specialized polymers that stabilize the virus without allowing it to spread.
  • Stability: Proper transfer mediums include a stable compound that doesn't break down during transportation or cause other issues that may affect a team's safety.
  • Security: Transportation mediums typically include various safety and security checks, including locks and lined containers, that minimize the dangerous spread of COVID-19.
  • Containment: If the medium cracks or breaks during transportation, containment procedures like decontamination may be necessary to ensure that this virus doesn't spread any further.

Containers may also include various types of sealing methods, unique exterior materials, cooling needs, and much more. Identifying the best options for a facility also includes assessing that group's budget and what preparation steps they need to take. For example, cooled transfer mediums may be necessary if a lab can't afford to use larger cooled transportation trucks.

Setting Up a Proper Transportation Method

After research companies find transfer mediums that meet their COVID-19 research needs, they need to find a manufacturer that can provide the items for them. Setting up regular deliveries of these products can ensure that research specialists never run low on the safest and most protected transfer mediums for their research. In this way, they can focus on research and not on worrying about getting infected.

If you are looking to transfer vaccines, consider COVID-19 transport media.